As the leading brand of innovative medical payment services, Shanghai MediTrust Health Co., Ltd. is committed to helping patients solve the problem of medical self-payment through financial and insurance instruments, and helping them manage medical expenses in a more efficient way. MediTrust Health provides value to patients around medical finance, commercial insurance and pharmacy benefit management. We focus on medical payment services in the field of specialty drugs, chronic drugs, rare diseases and medical apparatus and instruments.


Care2Pay® is a brand of innovative medical payment and one-stop drug solutions under MediTrust Health. It cooperates with pharmas, financial institutions and pharmacies to launch services such as pharmacy benefit management, specialty drug insurance and installment, covering 90% of domestic DTP pharmacies. At present, it has cooperated with more than 10 insurance companies. Its comprehensive patient benefit program has covered over 100,000 patients, saving more than 100 million RMB drug expenses per year. It is now a PBM brand with strong influence in China.


In the successful pilot of the innovative payment of chronic drugs, Care2Pay® launched a product which combines pharmacy benefit management with specialty drug insurance and chronic drug insurance to save patients money while providing innovative drug-related insurance for their families. Care2Pay® continues to innovate and is committed to providing users with services which focus on pharmacy benefit management and drug-related insurance.

Business Service

Provide comprehensive schemes of commercial insurance and PBM

Provide all-round medical financial payment service

Providing comprehensive PBM solutions for commercial insurance

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